Sell with stories, not with sentences. 

A great advertising copywriter is priceless because big campaigns need big ideas. We understand what makes your brand unique, what will work on the page, and how to make your life a lot easier. By balancing creativity and business goals, your message will shine as well as it sells. Unique Selling Points (USP) copywriting might not be as exciting as other types of copywriting, but it is equally important for sharing your message, making sales, and securing clients. 

Some cardinal rules of great Sales copy:

  1. “You get out what you put in.” A strong, methodical brief is the key to a great result. We are continually developing better systems to tease out strengths, benefits and ideas that only a seasoned outsider can. 

  2. Know who the ad is for and who it isn’t for. Too many campaigns fizzle because they aim too wide or are too watered down. 

  3. Less is more. We know you’ve spent a lot of time and money making your product amazing in so many ways, but three is usually the magic number of benefits to include on any one page.  Any more and you risk diluting your message.


Resist the urge to choose cheap for your advertising copy. If you want to ensure that your products’ sing their virtues accurately and attractively, then ask a seasoned pro for help. Chances are, we’ll say yes!