What we do goes way beyond translation. 

Whenever you decide to translate your message, you'll have three choices. 


1. Free Web Translations -  (+)Free and instant. (-) Accuracy and privacy are still major issues.

Technology has come a long way, but it is utterly terrible in translating nuance, poetic phrasing, etc. Plus, do you want your company's proprietary data being stored in other companies database? 

2. Low-budget Translators - (+) Sometimes better than free web translations (-) Inconsistency in quality is a major issue. 

It’s a warning sign whenever you see a translation service that offers prices per word. You are usually paying for a machine translation, which may not be any better than Google Translate. Most of these companies work with freelance translators so while some do a decent job, and others are painfully unqualified. Unfortunately, you never know which one you are going to get. 

3. Qualified Localizers - (+) Highest level of quality and service. (-) More of an investment than low-budget translations.


When you include the time spent trying to get a low-budget translation right, it can actually be cheaper to work with a qualified localizer from the beginning. Plus, the longer you work together, the better the localizations will become, as the lexicon bank is developed and refined.

​The next time you need a localization for your great message, do yourself a favor and work with the qualified localizer like Upstate. We use a multi-pass approach combining the strengths of software with the experience and intuition of bilingual writers to deliver localizations that surpass results from other methods.